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For Candidates
  1. Where to go?
  2. Preparation for casting
  3. Guarantees and fears
  4. Rules of behaviour

Where to go?

Unquestionably, it is the important question. If some different contracts in the different countries offers to you, necessarily you will reflect: where to go?

It is a problem of priorities. Let's find out them together. This can be made by means of questions, having answered on which you clear all for yourselves.

  1. Are you sharply necessary for money?
  2. Do you wish to travel around the world?
  3. Do yoy need the operational experience, growth of professionalism?
All these questions are actual each time, when you choice the contract, therefore it is necessary to place a percentage ratio between these basic needs, for example:
Money - 60 %, Travel - 20 %, Professionalism - 20 %, or
Money - 30 %, Travel - 50 %, Professionalism - 30 %.

As you see, at once it becomes clear, what contract is necessary. In the first case it is possible to tell confidently, that the salary determines, and loca sights and level of the program already anyhow.

In the second case, certainly, the choice of the country have leading role, and money and professionalism will be a determinative between two equally desired corners of the world.

The life is too rapid to give the choice to another's hands, therefore сhoose cleverly!

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Preparation for casting

It can be spent, or not, however, it is necessary always be ready to them.

Some practical advices:

Preparing to casting whether have you available offers or not. Even if news about casting operation will overtake you unawares you will be always ready at least half.

What it is necessary to do?

First - make a professional portfolio. An accent in this case making on a word professional. It means, that photos on a beach in slippers, or with friends on a party do not suit. Do not grudge for money and make it with the professional photographer, in studio, or on a stage with good light, correct foreshortenings and the subsequent processing of pictures. Your portfolio is your business-card of the artist. Update a portfolio once in half a year, or even once a year.

In most cases first of all ask to show a portfolio. Some employers even invite on casting only before selected by photos people.

More detailed information with examples of correct pictures look on page For Candidates.

Second - prepare two your dance etudes, average duration 2-3 minutes each. In these etudes it is necessary to show the best that you are able. Thus it is not necessary to subtilize with a choreography and music. All should be precisely, rhythmically, dynamically and clearly.

Third - shoot all this by video camera, and make your personal promo-DVD. Make 4-5 copies of this disk and at the first opportunity try to offer it.

In case you have your own dances, or even the program, record their also with duration not less than 2 minutes each. Some artists make a mistake when in a pursuit of video setting beauty make cutting of the brightest, but short moments. Your should understand, employers wish to see what they are going to pay for. They need to look, as you well move on a stage as your suit is looked, as far your dances as fulfilled and ready.

Fourth - prepare rehearsal uniform and footwear in advance.

Useful details, which have always to remember, coming on casting:

- White color makes look fat, black - slim.

- The girl with correct light cosmetics always wins under light of spotlights and on video recording in comparison with others without cosmetics. But be reasonable, to all there is a measure if you come like fighting artsy Indian - can not understand.

- Put on in the free form which hides possible lacks or simply inconvenient foreshortenings. However it does not mean, that the best suit are sports trousers and a woolen sweater. Remember, lines of a body should be visible, and the figure freely to be looked through.

- Give special attention of footwear. We advise everything, even to ball dancers to get flexible jazzwear on a good thick rubber sole. If you should study a etude in modern style directly on casting, and show it - in independence of a stage (roughnesses, splinters and cracks), you will feel confidently. Besides, a thick sole - plus pair centimeters to growth!

- Friends and playmates! Never leave to show a etude in pair! Prepare for everyone a separate etude and show it only! Leaving in pair - you automatically put yourselves in comparison with each other. Believe, always somebody loses between a two.

- Smile! Charm - one of the basic tools of the artit.

- Carrying out difficult elements necessarily keep up an ending! The exact pose in the end will always smooth a mistake in the beginning. Remember! Precise execution of trifles, foreshortenings and endings - indication of professionalism.

- The modesty and work is adorn. It is not necessary try to pretend, as all is so simple what even laziness to dance. Believe, if you work on full - you will be notice, and concern accordingly as supervisory as artists. And if you have put on a mask of the slacked neglect - do not think, that you a star and lady-killer. If you’ll not envied - so simply condemned. Do you need it?

However, no trifles and the uniform will not help if there is nobody to help.

Study, work for improving itself.

Professionals are not born, them become.

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Guarantees and fears

So, a burning question of the beginner: and what guarantees for me? Whether all will be good?

Dear artists, and their parents! To worry about own safety it is normal! However allow to ask to you one question: what guarantees you wish to have?

We hear the most widespread answer to this question constantly: well-at, I don’t know, you tell me...

Dear artists and relatives! If you don’t know, what you ask about?

In fact asking wrong questions, you risk to receive wrong answers.

At once we wish to clear, what here it will be a question only of legal offers, because about what guarantees there can be a speech if the contract to you is offered by the friend to the friend of the distant friend whom you see first time in a life?

Legal offers not too mach. Recruiters refer to even official (yes as it is ridiculous!) representatives of the customer.

Remember! The Official representative mast be OFFICIALLY REGISTERED in Ukraine. That is mean have representation, the certificate of registration, the license, at last!

And if is not present, you on the same rights can named as the official representative of the Pope and everybody. That is why, each time when you agree to go on seductive, but not the legal contract you have ANY GUARANTEES. The recruiter is responsible for nothing, he cannot be found later and there is nobody to ask.

If they really want to deceive you, take out abroad with all following consequences - they will start to tell about guarantees and how you will be good there. Start to show photos, give phone numbers of people which there have visited, etc.

And what you surprised for? In fact you have asked.

But asking a question on guarantees - you wish to get confidence, instead of a set of photos and a fairy tale for the night.

For this necessary to ask correct questions.

Enough only one: Do you have a License?

Checking presence of the License, you automatically check legality of the given contract. License conditions very rigid. Without the License and the foreign partner, all which documents are checked on authenticity and lay in the Ministry of Work and Social policy of Ukraine, any intermediary in employment abroad is an illegal and punishable activity.

In most cases, coming to the serious company -agent on employment abroad, the careful person will not set any questions, in fact all before eyes.

Therefore, be careful, ask correct questions and be afraid of nothing!

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Rules of behavior

At last!

You, at last, have escaped from grey everyday lives and leaved for other country working on the contract. All here seems in another way, the small collective of compatriots and enough pocket money is more than freedom. All was already bought notebooks, cameras and phones...

Exactly in this moment many artists get in trouble.

Basically, it concerns inattentive and fans well "to take off", in English, to take a rest.

Alcohol dulls a bark of a brain and pushes on adventures, the person becomes "out of control".

The main error is a feeling of impunity. Suddenlyб the wisdom, that when in Rome do as the Romans do is absolutely forgotten! Also, for some reason especially ridiculously to walk on streets and with a smile to offend "stupid aboriginal" on the native language. Say, all the same will not understand.

Should disappoint you. The twenty first century behind the window!

The world globalization has touched most of the countries in a world. You not the first and not last visitors from your country. Inhabitants long since know all obscene words which you decide sparkles. You will be not only understood, but also can hand over without ceremony polices, and happens more terribly, especially in the Asian countries: remember, and later will catch and revenge.

Believe, neither not bring pleasure to you. If from police you, probably, release the employer, from a gang embittered inhabitants you take chances not escape at all.

In any case if you will stay whole - pay a fine on work, or even deport you for your expense.

Useful trifles:

- Familiarize with traditions, customs and rules of behavior in the country of the employer BEFORE departure. Internet exists exactly for this.

- Always remember - you in another country, and you do not have diplomatic immunity!

- Police your friend if you correctly conduct yourselves. At indication of aggression from residential population at once call a police. Usually, with the first police car all aggressors somewhere "disappear".

- In your free time go to decent places, populous places.

- Do not let off girls of one. In some countries, even several girls without support men, are automatically considered how "corrupt".

- At the beginning of the contract if going on day off, write down the address of your residence and a place of work on a paper and take it with you. And also, the good form considers is inform managers on work with the indication of a place where you leave.

And the most important.

Remember, that the heads and managers on work - too belong to residential population. Their mentality also differs from yours. Therefore, if something not suit you it is no necessary to brawl. You have easy and evenly defend the position, the basis for you is your Labour Contract.

Prudence - is virtue of clever people.
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